My Chuseok in Pictures – People, Places and Things


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My Hometown

  I’m from Banghak-dong, Seoul. I lived in there for about eighteen years. There is a special maidenhair tree.  It’s more than 800 years old. The old maidenhair tree, also known as Banghak-dong maidenhair tree is very big and tall. Banghak-dong is also famous for Yeonsangun’s grave. Yeonsangun was a tyrant of the Joseon Dynasty. I like fresh air from Mt. Bukhan and Mt. Dobong most living Banghak-dong. Banghak-dong has poor transportation. That’s what I hate about there. Kim Jong-min is from Banghak-dong. He is a singer and appears on TV show, “1 Night 2 Days”. My favorite place in my hometown is Banghak Middle School. It was my school. It has a large schoolyard.

→ Kim Jong-min

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Three Things I Can’t Live Wihout

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Who am I?

   My name is Kim Jane. It could be also written as “Jae-in”. I always write my name “Jane”. I think it’s easier to remember. I’m from Seoul. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. It’s a very beautiful but complicated city. My major is the Department of North Korea Studies. I love my major. It’s interesting. I hope to be an expert about North Korea. I came to Korea University to study deeper than when I was a high school student. I like to study English, North Korean Sociology and North Korean Economics. I can speak Chinese a little. I want to learn Spanish. It’ll be very useful. I also want to learn Japanese. I like to play musical instruments. I can play piano, flute, and drum. I love all kinds of music from classical to hip-hop music.

↑ classical

↑ Korean hip-hop

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