My Life in Five Years


  I would graduate the University as fast as possible. I would go graduate school. I would study politics. I would take a master’s degree. I would get a job in National Intelligence Service (NIS). I would live in Seoul, but I would frequently go abroad for my job. My life would be very busy. It would be hard and I would be tired. I would be highly admired. My life would be competent financially, respected socially, happy personally.

[a movie trailer about NIS]

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Human Rights in North Korea


Almost everyone in North Korea is being suppressed by their government and they have no human rights because of its weird socialist system. They have no freedom of expression, religion, movement, and press. North Korea strongly rejects all reports of human rights violations and accuses the defectors of lying and promoting a pro-West agenda North Koreans can’t criticize their government, actually their so-called kings, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, because they will be imprisoned or executed. They can be killed for nothing! It is just to maintain North Korea’s system, the Juche system. It is very inhuman. We have to be concerned about North Koreans who are being suppressed. As a student of the Department of North Korean Studies, I’m interested in North Korea problem.  Issues concerned about North Korea are very important to me. To resolve the matter of North Koreans human rights, we can join human rights groups, for example, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Doctors without Borders, The Red Cross.

[political prisoner in North Korea]

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My Favorite TV Show


 My favorite TV show is “God’s Quiz“. It is on at 10pm on Friday night. It is a kind of medical crime mystery series. In each episode, Han Jin-woo, Korea’s top medical examiner, solves a case that is concerned with mysterious deaths in a hospital. I watch its rerun every Saturday night. Ryu Duk-hwan stars it as Han Jin-woo. Each episode is so thrilling that I like it. I spend two or three hours a week watching TV. I have no TV in my dormitory room, but I watch just “God’s Quiz” and “Muhandojeon” on every weekend.


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My Life in Six Words

* I am neither KID nor CHILD!!

* I’m not smoking. I like driking.

* Intelligent father, curious mother, diligent grandmother.

* “Beat and Soul”, the best club.

* I will marry at all costs.

* North Korea… both enemy and brother…

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Nice to meet you, Yeong-mok!


  I recent met my classmate, Kim Yeong-mok, for the first time and he was really nice and calm. He is 28 years old. He started his undergrad in ’05. People who started their undergrad in ’05 are usually 25 years old or 26 at least. Yeong-mok is a liitle bit older than them. He is a very special case. His major is the Department of Public Administration. He said he came here, Korea University, after leaving the military duty. In that time, about five years ago, the construction of Sejong-si was in process. Then he became interested in his present major, Public Administration. As a result, he wasnts to be a public administrator and I believe he can be a good public administrator.

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I can’t live without Heon-joong!


  My best friend, Kim Heon-joong makes me happy. He is the only boy who understands me well. It has been about 10 years that I have known him. I and he, both of us were 10 years old when we frist met each other. He was a very sensitive and careful boy, while I was a so boyish. We like to go to a movie together. At the last time we met, we watched “The Man from Nowhere”. We meet almost every weekend I go to Seoul. He is still sensitive and careful. He is not very handsome. He looks like a Korean singer, Whee-sung little bit. He is a student in the Inha University.

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Viral Video – “An annoying orange”

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